Thestimedes the Younger

A talented young wizard with an unhealthy interest in dark magic.


Thestimedes the Younger

A talented young wizard with an unhealthy interest in dark magic.

  • Self-aggrandizing, academy trained wizard (5) Casting spells, knowing magic stuff, sounding learned
  • Tragically Handsome Farm Boy Inexorably drawn to Dark Magic(3) Looking good in black robes, giving the ladies smoldering looks, knowing a devil from a demon, planting a garden
  • Keen reader of people but woefully lacking in self-knowledge (3) Detecting and telling lies, lending a sympathetic ear, oblivious to his own weaknesses
  • Novice Sailor taught aboard the Privateer Seadrake(2) Seamanship, telling a merchantman from a pirate

[If Hooks, Tales, and Double Pumps are allowed, I will double pump the second cliche and reduce the last one to 1]


Hook (if allowed)

Thestimedes is greedy for knowledge and power. He has begun to believe that Dark Magic is the path he seeks. He has a hard time passing up an opportunity to acquire new magical knowledge, doubly so for Dark Magic. He believes he can resist the more evil side of Dark Magic while taking advantage of its power. He is sorely mistaken.

Tale (if allowed)

Thestimedes was born Doric Dalenson, the third son of a small freeholder farmer. When a traveling band of adventures came through town Doric was completely taken with the friendly wizard in the party. The wizard recognized Doric’s intellect and suggested to his father they he allow young Doric to pursue the Arcane arts.

It wasn’t long before Doric was apprenticed to a local wizard, Galen Greencloak. Galen was a retired adventurer with a less than stellar career. After beginning his studies with Greencloak, both Doric and his mentor soon realized that his potential far outstripped his mentor’s capabilities to teach.

Fortunately Galen Greencloak was the cousin of Yasmina Frestinala. Yasmina is a professor at a wizards academy. Greencloak wrote to Yasmina and she agreed to sponsor Doric on a trial basis. Thus, at the age of 13, Doric Dalenson left home to learn the Arcane Arts at the renowned Circum Arcanum.

After his 4 month probation, Doric was invited to be initiated into the Circum Arcanum, an honor usually reserved for apprentices with only a year of study left. Part of the initiation is the taking of a new name. Doric Dalenson chose to honor a wizard from the past known for his keen mind and his strong ethics, Thestimedes Varus. After several more years of study, Thestimedes was made a Magus of the Circum Arcanum and has been seeking his fortune since.

Most of the Professors agree that Thestimedes has the potential to be one of the Meridia’s greatest wizards, but they also see in him a hunger for knowledge that, if not kept in control, could lead toward diabolism.

Thestimedes would rather spend the evening with an ancient musty tome, recently discovered in a lost tomb than carousing in the tavern. He is shy, but sharp and good at reading people.

Thestimedes the Younger

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