Nevin Goodbee

Halfling Ranger


Nevin Goodbee

Halfling Ranger [3] Sneaky Former Rogue (2) Fun-Loving Practical Joker (2)

Short Sword Dagger Leather Armor


Nevin grew up an orphan. In order to survive, he took to picking pockets and burglary.

One day he attempted to pick the pocket of a stranger in town who turned out to be a particularly adept ranger. Rather than turning Nevin in to the town guard, he took Nevin on as his apprentice. The halfling showed amazing promise, and within a few short years, the ranger released him from his bond of apprenticeship. Today, Nevin is extremely protective of the forest and its creatures within. He occasionally practices his thieving skills for fun, always returning the loot to his victim.

Nevin Goodbee

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